United Arab Emirates

Demolitions across borders

The technique, experience, professionalism and technology of our demolitions have allowed our company to gain market share in United Arab Emirates.
The branch was opened in 2012.

Buildings high 50 to 60 metres that were built in the 80s and 90s in the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi are now contrasting with the new modern city under expansion and hence they must be demolished and reclaimed. Thanks to the innovative Radio Controlled FLY system we can reach altitudes otherwise inaccessible with traditional demolition arms.

Each individual project is examined in detailed beforehand by our technicians which includes the selection of the equipment or combination of equipment to be used, the environmental impact and the specific safety devices to be used thereby considering the urban context in which the works are undertaken alongside the high number of buildings. Our demolition system was certified by the environmental standard UNI EN 14001.

The Shield System
Thanks to our special dual-mesh structures, we are able to protect roads and pedestrians against falling debris produced during the demolition operations thereby minimising dust emissions.

Powder and Dust – Dust Abatement
Guns are used to blast vaporised water against the walls to trap and blow down thin dust and the tiniest debris particles, minimising the contamination of air during demolition operations.

Run over, Overturning – Tip over prevention
Our systems are equipped with an overturn prevention LCD sensor system used to provide optimal stability during demolition operations.

Hamadan Street , Al Gaith Tower - 19th floor - Office # 47 – P.O.Box:44647 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Tel. number : +971 2 5089078 - Fax number : +971 2 5089003
Giordano Lonardi, CEO and board member: +971 563389790 (Uae) | +39 347 8890299 (Italy)

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Demolitions across borders


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